A unique Texas blend of Blues, Country,Bluegrass, Folk,and Soul. Pug Johnson, born Calvin Wayne Johnson on April 11, 1990, had always dreamed of becoming a musician. During his toddler years, he could often be found singing radio hits on family fireplaces while strumming toy guitars. It took until his early teens that he made an attempt to learn to play a real one. 


His writing however, began a bit earlier. At a very early age, Pug developed an interest in poetry, writing short poems in and out of the classroom. At the discovery of a natural talent for writing by several instructors at Pug’s schools, he began to receive immense support. With that support, he began to hone the craft he so deeply loved.

As Pug grew older, his passions began to merge. An even deeper love for music began to develop and it wasn’t long before poems turned to songs. “I couldn’t play a note when I wrote my first songs. I just had melodies in my head and I would write words to that. The songs had verses and choruses and maybe even a bridge, but I couldn’t put anything to it. I was about twelve or thirteen at that time”, said Johnson.

Realizing that if he was to continue to write songs an instrument was vital, he began learning to play the guitar. Using instructional DVDs and tablature, Pug began to learn his first songs. Eventually playing with more experienced players from school, his repertoire grew even more. Before long, Pug’s songs had three or more chords and sounded more like songs than poems. 

See Pug Live!

At age 16, Pug began playing songs with a young drummer from school named Jeremy Porter. It was inevitable that the two boys would form a band. Slow Rollin Lows was formed in July of 2006 with other classmate musicians with Pug featured on rhythm guitar, lead vocals, and primary songwriter. Since then Pug has written more songs than he can keep track of. SRL has released four albums of songs that Pug wrote or co-wrote with fellow band members or writers. With influences in Country, Blues, Bluegrass, Folk, and Rock, the albums were well received with the Texas Music scene and provided Pug with the confidence in his writing to continue to grow.
After Pug graduated from High School he attended Lamar State College Port Arthur in Port Arthur, Texas where he received an Associates of Applied Science in Audio Engineering and studied for a year as a guitar player, receiving training from multi-Grammy award winning guitarist Mike Deasy. Pug has grown from his awkward poetry phase into a singer-songwriter and true musician. Slow Rollin’ Lows continues to play and create new music while playing shows all over Texas only with Pug playing much more than rhythm guitar.

Pug continues to write and play, now with a musical education and ability to feed his creativity. Slow Rollin Lows has undergone many changes in members, leaving Pug as the last of the originals. “I never planned on playing music this way. I learned to play so that I could write better songs. I played the songs for people so that they would be picked up by bigger acts. Somewhere along the way I developed a love for it that I can’t shake. It’s what I have to do”, Pug said. Unwavering from his original plan, Pug seems to be chasing that childhood dream with more passion and intensity than ever.