When you think of Southeast Texas and Authentic Blues Guitar there is really only one safe bet… Silas Feemster, Silas is a Setxian who put in the time and you can tell the difference. I hear a lot of good players out there but when you see Silas you are transported to an era and a feel like you are in another time or that time doesn’t exist at all. In other words get out there at your first opportunity to give him a listen. LIVE is ALWAYS better than recording ….

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Silas Feemster

“A lot of people play old time roots and folk music but few do it with such an accurate approach to sincerity such as Silas Feemster. His songs hark back to an era of wooden floors, antique doors, rotating 78’s and ashes piling in the tray.”

Silas Feemster

Silas Feemster Silas Feemster